Welcome to Carbón gastronomic grill

A fancy casual restaurant serving modern cuisine on a Spanish grill

Our stunning, two-storey venue glows with light and features an impressive charcoal-runned kitchen, giving a vintage atmosphere to the space, where you can eat the best steak, high quality seafood & slowly-roasted chicken, all with original recipes from all across the Mediterranean.

Our philosophy

At Carbón we believe that Mother Nature is smart, and that a noble product has to be transformed in a respectful way to preserve its very essence and its pureness. That is why we have chosen to cook all our ingredients through the most basic and natural element that we have: fire. Our open kitchen serves the best products cooked on charcoal grills, giving them that characteristic intense smoked and roasted aroma that only fire can give.


for reservation or more information

please call/ 02 38260372 - 02 38260374